Boys Junior Academy FAQ

  1. What Is The Difference Between Recreational And Club Soccer?
    • The biggest diffrence is that your child will start to receive professional instruction from one of our coaches.  The envirnoment is also different in that teams are formed based on ability versus friendship or what school the child goes to.
  2. How Often Does The Team Train
    • Our Junior Academy teams train 2 times per week 
  3. How Much Does It Cost
    • It depends on the age of your child.  In Club soccer there are 2 sets of fees which are as follows:
      • Club Dues - These dues are for training grounds, coaches, admin of the club, etc
      • Team Dues - These dues are specific to the team for tournament fees, league fees, ref fees, etc.
  4. Is There Any Financial Aid Available
    • Yes financial aid is available.  However, it should be noted that financial aid is based solely on ecnomic needs and nothing to do with the quality of the player
  5. How Are Junior Academy Teams Formed
    • Teams will be formed based on ability.  Players may move one team to the next based on their progress.  This evaluation and movement will be up to the coaches working in that age group. 
  6. Can My Child Play Up An Age Group
    • Yes, but it would have to be approved by our Junior Academy Director
  7. Can I register my child with Tulsa SC and another Recreational Club/Team in the same season
    • Yes, but we do want you to communicate with your coach if you decide to this
  8. Who Can I Contact For More Information: