ECNL Regional League

ECNL Regional League

Boys ECRL (Elite Clubs Regional League)

ECNL 2nd Division - Texas Conference


ECRL is the 2nd Division League of ECNL.  With more and more talented athletes playing soccer each year, the talent pool and depth of players has increased dramatically year over year. The demand for a competitive training environment for ECNL teams was also growing year over year so ECRL was created to help bridge the gap by creating a larger pool of quality players ready to transition and compete within the ECNL.  ECRL player training would coincide with ECNL player training and ECRL teams would only compete at a regional or conference level. 

However, ECRL has now evolved to become ECNL's 2nd Division, is now considered a national league, is now consisting of over 150+ clubs nationwide, and now has its own national events and post-season pathway.  ECRL teams travel with our ECNL teams for most conference games and compete in a similar structure as ECNL teams.  The ECRL Regional provides a tremendous opportunity for players to develop their skills, compete against a very high level of competition, and prepare themselves for the collegiate level of competition in the future.

Our 2nd team will compete within the ECRL Texas Conference which features top clubs throughout the states of Oklahoma and Texas.  For the 2022-2023 season our teams will compete in 20+ regular season matches, consisting of at least 10 Home Matches and 10 Away Matches.  Regular season travel typically consists of 3 Dallas trips, 1 Houston trip, 1 Austin trip, and 1 OKC trip.  Results of conference play determines post-season eligibility and overall seeding,  ECRL National Events will consist of competing against other clubs/teams from around the United States, but guaranteed not to be clubs/teams within our Texas Conference excluding the post-season.


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Boys ECRL (U13-19 Boys)

  • ECRL will play against ECRL member clubs only 
  • College Showcase Events
  • US Club Soccer Id2 Program
  • Training frequency: minimum 3x per week
  • Season length: 10 months (Sept-June with lighter schedule around high school) 
  • Players may participate in their High School programs​

Contact Info

Tulsa Soccer Club
1325 E. 15th St.
Suite 202
Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 550-5807